Wednesday, June 18, 2014

How do Muslims prepare for Ramadan?

  1. We prepare for Ramadan by cleaning up the house. 
  2. We make sure we have the resources we need for fasting like dates and other types of food.
  3. We make sure that our prayer mats and prayer clothes and washed and clean.
  4. We start talking to children about the good deeds we are going to perform.
  5. We put aside 2.5% of our savings for Zakat - compulsory charity
  6. We list out charity organizations and needy families that we are going to help.
  7. We plan any iftars that we are organizing. It is a blessing to feed a fasting person when he or she breaks fast so we try to invite friends and relatives over.
  8. We buy our eid gifts and plan the Eid day out
  9. We make lots of dua and ask for forgiveness
Here is a quick video guide. hope it helps insha Allah

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