Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My Response to a another sister who feels she is beyond Islam!


Alhamdulillah. It is natural to question the existence of life. To search for something to cling on to. To pursue our natural state of Fitra. No matter what religion or school of thought, you are born into, you are bound to question life.

A manufacturer would not make as much as even a toy robot without a Manual. The Quran is our User-manual to life and in it we find answers to all these questions, which is why we must make an effort to learn the tafseer of the Quran. http://bayyinah.com/podcast/)

To you, one thing may be right and to me another. Where is the uniformity of Justice when each of us take into our own hands, the classification of right and wrong? Who has the right to define right and wrong? 

It may be 2012 but humankind, is still humankind. An animal will await the sense of smell, sight and touch to exit a building on fire. But a human will do so with just a mere warning. We have a choice to either wait until we see it or to believe it and take charge of our lives right now. So you are free to choose what you like. And like every decision in life, our choices will have their consequences.

We don't take Islam upon us because there is comfort in doing so, we take to it because we are convinced that it is the truth. We love and worship Allah because He is deserving of it. May Allah guide us all in the right path!

Not blind or bound but crystal clear, free and at peace!


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