Friday, November 11, 2011

To work or not to work

This one is for us ladies who can't help feeling guilty about working.

Like everything else, women working outside the house does come with a price especially if she has children who are still dependent on her for their well being. Lets face it - there is no one better to take care of our children than ourselves. Her family deserves the best of her and to a woman her family always comes first.

While Islam completely puts the financial burden on the husband, it is ok for the wife to work in a safe environment to support him if the family is in need of it. This should be voluntary on her. However, mingling with the opposite gender is strongly discouraged. An interesting point to be noted is that while the family (wife, parents and children) has a right over the earnings of a man, a woman's earnings are completely for herself. If she has the minimum requirement of savings for a year, then she needs to pay Zakat on that just like if she owned any gold. Alhamdulillah!

Some good careers for our girls to get into are education and the medical professionals such as doctors and nurses. Teaching and medicine are encouraged professions because the society needs more female workers in this area.

So if you are in deed a working mum stop being hard on yourself and start making dua for Allah to ease your burden on you! Insha Allah if your intentions are pure He will give you what's best for you!

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